What Our Clients Are Saying

“We very much appreciate the professionalism and craft that Rossi Builders has lent to the Ferry Building!”
– Jane Connors, Equity Office, San Francisco Ferry Building Market Place Manager
“Hello 1098 Harrison Dream Team, we did it! Last night at the SF AIA 2012 Design Awards, we received a design award for the fabulous space at 1098 Harrison. Thanks to Rossi Builders for their commitment to the details necessary to make this project sign.”
– Sarah Willmer, Studio Sarah Willmer, Architecture
“Rossi Builders brought years of experience and know-how to help our vision become a reality. They were passionately involved in the collaboration process from beginning to end, and the skill of the craftsmen enhanced several finished products beyond the original design. We have enjoyed working with Rossi Builders on two major projects and would ask the to be part of the next.”
– Ernie McCray, Experience Manager, Atlassian Software
“Rossi Builder’s experience and professionalism ensured that Legacy Partners headquarters’ tenant improvement project was accomplished on time and within budget. They were an essential and critical element to our successful project completion.”
– Edward Nazaradeh, VP Design & Planning, Legacy Partners (Executive Office)
“Your dedication to efficient operation of this project combined with a positive attitude accomplished an exceptional building in a very short timeframe. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.”
– George Kreitem, Nortel Networks
“Rossi executed the project efficiently and quickly, given the aggressive deadline they were under, making certain that each detail was carried through, and every requirement and request was fulfilled.”
– Doug Finlay, CFO, Advanced Data Exchange
“It’s not every day a general contractor can build out 88,000 square feet of office space in less then ten weeks and keep in within the pre-determined budget. As far as I am concerned, your company has proven to be a top competitor in today’s fast paced market.”
– Cameron Questgard, Construction Manager, Legacy Partners
“Rossi Builders work as team members. They don’t look for change orders and prefer to work together to keep the project on budget and on time. In addition, the project we did was difficult since it required meeting building landlord standards, construction conditions, and tenants below. Rossi performed at the highest level and followed up after the project was done to maintain good client satisfaction.”
–Curtis Chong, Architect, Boulder Associates
“I thought your team’s efforts resulted a very nice project with outstanding responsiveness and would enjoy the opportunity to work with you again in the future. The tenant is very proud of the new space they’ve moved into!”
– Sandra Jamme, SLJ Business Services
“Rossi Builders is experienced, reliable, trustworthy, and thorough. They will bring any project to successful completion – no matter what challenges are presented.”
– Doug Rice, Project Manager, Legacy Partners
“I highly recommend Rossi Builders. I’ve worked with them since 2012 on numerous tenant improvement projects. Some were according to specific plans and others were more ad hoc. What I valued about their work is that they do what they say they’re going to do. And, the quality of their work was excellent.”
– Ann Roulac, Director of Corporate Real Estate and Risk Management, Nutiva